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January Bonsai News

Winter is a dormant time for your trees, but not for yourself.   Their is plenty of planning and maintenance work to be completed. Planning. You will have an exciting year ahead with your trees. So to get this moving you should start by planning how you would like your tree …

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Bonsai Styles

Once you have mastered the basic bonsai styles such as the formal upright style of chokkan, the informal upright style of shakan and the cascade style of kengai, you may want to try some more advanced bonsai styles for a better challenge. Image courtesy of  Jacques Graulus Intermediate Bonsai artists …

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Pine Bonsai

If you are new to the world of bonsai, you may want to consider starting with a Jack Pine bonsai tree. Jack Pines (Pinus banksiana) are pretty hardy and may be a little more forgiving than some of the more delicate trees typically used for bonsai gardening. A novice to …

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Your First Bonsai

A majority of peoples first Bonsai are Indoor Trees. These are most likely tropical trees from Asia or the South America’s. The following points are for guidance, if you require more details see the book reviews. Temperature. These trees ahould have a minimum temperature of between 6 – 10 C …

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