Bonsai Club

In Ireland that is the Republic of Ireland we dont have any Bonsai clubs but in the North as in Northern Ireland there is a vibrant Bonsai society called ‘NIBS’, the Northern Ireland Bonsai Society.

The Northern Ireland Bonsai Society was founded in 1986 by a small band of dedicated hobbyists who wanted to spread the good name of Bonsai on what can be achieved rather than the negative publicity that Bonsai can get. With a membership of 40 plus and growing, it is a very professional society that promotes sharing between the hobbyist and the artist. bonsai-club-night

Ian Young (aka: Bonsai eejit) is the celebrity of the society having appeared on the BBC TV show the ‘Secret Garden’. Ian started his Bonsai journey in back in 93′ and overtime with ongoing sharing of knowledge from NIBS he has a collection of trees ranging from the smallest ‘Mame’ Bonsai to a large Trident Maple. See top image on right of Mame Bonsai and video of show below.




Ian Youngs ‘Secret Garden’ appearance.  



If your interested in learning more about Bonsai, understanding the techniques to develop this hobby or just plain interested in sharing ideas, then fill out the form below.

Membership is open to anyone in Ireland North or South, their is even a member in Dubai!



  • Family £25
  • Single £20
  • Junior £6


For more information see the membership page on the NIBS website



NI Bonsai in 2012 will be holding a series of Bonsai training courses from Peter Snart of Willowbog Bonsai. This will be held in three Saturdays starting on the 18′ of Feb, 26′ of May and the 17′ of November. The cost for members is £45 for all 3 days. nibs-bonsai-school     

See following from Peter Snart about the training courses:

Each Saturday will be followed by a day long workshop on the Sunday which will NOT be part of the school and will be open to non school participants as well. However, it is to be hoped that some students will avail themselves of the chance to put into practice some of the things dealt with in the previous day’s school session, at least on some of the occasions.

Though each Saturday will be themed upon a specific topic, for example, re-potting in the Spring session, it is intended never to spend the whole day on one subject but to try to keep it interesting by covering other questions, perhaps as raised by the students themselves. It may be that we split the day into four sessions to do this.

To achieve the aims of the school it will mostly involve the students sitting down and listening, but an element of demonstration will clearly be involved, as will joint discussion, and question and answer sessions.