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Welcome to Bonsai.ie. Bonsai.ie is a journal web site on Bonsai and Japanese Gardens.  Our aim is to bring you interesting articles on how to look after your trees or inspire you to get more from your garden

Who we are?

Bonsai Ireland is located in the ‘Garden of Ireland‘ also known as County Wicklow, Ireland. The site is owned by myself Paul Masterson and Lynda Sheane. We are both avid collectors of Bonsai, Tropical plants, Orchids and have a strong understanding of the benefits and meditative qualities of Japanese Gardening.

We are located in a very picturesque part of Wicklow, with Brittas Bay behind us and the Wicklow hills in front of us. Our Swedish style eco-house is aptly named ‘Windy Acre’, not after me but the strong breezes either from the sea or north-west.

Our Bonsai

We grow mainly outdoor native species trees either from seed or collected specimens that grow on local farmland. The indoor bonsai are all grown from seed. Other indoor plants from seed is the ‘Bird of Paradise‘, which flowered last year for the first time in seven years. A collection of Banana trees, Silk Trees, Joshua Trees and Lynda’s prize collection of Orchids.

Our Writers

We source writers from around the world and greatly appreciate their input. We also welcome any submissions from any writer who would like to contribute.

Over time this site will grow and expand with new articles of interest. If you would like to join us on Facebook you can find us under ‘Bonsai Ireland

We welcome your feedback and hope you enjoy our site…

9 thoughts on “about us”

  1. Hi,
    The Bonsai Shop, Powerscourt Centre, Dublin has a good range of indoor bonsai starting at €15 upwards. We also have some great new outdoor bonsai just in. The Jap. Maples look gorgeous at this time of the year. We also have tools, pots etc.
    We are open in a new location on the ground floor, beside the main staircase on Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays from 10.30 to 6 and Thursday until 7. Hope to see you there. Regards Maureen Massey.

  2. Hi Paul
    I am an ameature bonsai enthuaist living in wicklow , I just came across you site and was curious if sell akadama soil or if you give classes or lessons? I have collected some yamadorii this year which I hope to develope over the coming years. I would be a big fan of Graham Potter of kaizen bonsai. Thanks John

    1. Hi John

      We dont actually sell any bonsai products as the market is very limited. If you need to buy bonsai soil I would recommend Lodder Bonsai in Holland (http://lodderbonsai.nl/en/home/). As your a professional landscape designer you can buy from these direct.

      If you require smaller quantities you could try Maureen Massey of the Bonsai Shop in Dublin. They do not have a full website only a blog (http://bonsaishopireland.blogspot.ie/)

      Hope this helps



  3. @john
    have a read of this http://www.bonsai4me.com/Basics/Basicscatlitter.htm
    im switching to the tesco one on as many trees as i can afford to this year, or if i can find it the sophisticat pink which is the same but with larger particle size, for the bigger trees.
    outperforms akadama by all accounts.

    @Pmaster i hope you dont mind me posting that, its such a great resource in general and relevant to our climate

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