A quick article on growing a Bonsai from Seed

Tree Seeds

First thing you need to do is select your tree seed. Beginners should try and collect seed from local grown trees before trying challenging native and non-native species. These trees would be used to the locate climate. The easiest to grow is Horse Chestnut.

For those who work with nature, you can wait until the Autumn\Fall before sowing. If you don’t want to wait until then see propagation section. But for those who enjoy working with nature see below.


As described above the best time to sow seeds is in the autumn so we can keep with natures cycle.


1. Pick out a pot approximately 15 cm or a seed tray
2. Place a fine layer of stones on the base
3. Next put together the following soil mixture. For beginners I would suggest using John Innes No:2 with 20% Horticultural sand.
4. Place the soil mixture in your container
5. Use a dibber (gardening tool) or a stick to create small channels on top of the soil
6. Place the seed or seeds on the channel
7. Cover with a layer of soil
8. Next water using a fine rose spray (You don’t want to disturb the seeds)

Also, remember to pre-soak your seed before planting.

So, what’s next?

After your seed has sprouted, place it in a bright location and keep the soil moist.

Never let seedlings dry out

In the summer months feed your seedlings. After a year you can transplant your Tinytree to a bigger pot.

When your tree looks hardy (thick trunk). You can start the early stages of Bonsai training.

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