Buttercups and Bonsai…

buttercupsI had an early morning walk this morning (9am is early to me) and noticed that this year must be the year of the Buttercup. Every year I watch the cycle of the weed invasion on the percolation area. Last year it was the Thistle and the nitrogen fixing Gorse the year before that.

This area of land was originally meant to be the veggie patch. An area of natural compost that could have fed us all year.

Did you know that in some countries they try to Bonsai potatoes. Myself I prefer Mutton stew with potatoes. (www.bonsaipotato.com)

You have to say that a mass of Buttercups does look impressive. I remember as a kid picking a buttercup and placing it under someone’s chin to see if they like butter, if it reflected then they liked butter. (a good chat up line)

As gardeners we like to have all plants looking well, we like plants to grow were we like it. When this changes we either go to war or embrace it. The same can be said for Bonsai.

Over the years I have trained many trees. You normally start out by planting the seed, set the training in motion by shaping, analysing and shaping again. But then, you come across a species of tree that has its own ideas, a tree that can be impressive as a Bonsai or a garden specimen. In my case this was a Mimosa. The natural pattern of this tree is to grow upright and it did… it now stands at 12 foot tall with beautiful pink flowers. The birds love it as it sits beside the feeder and with its heavy growth and mass of stems it protects them from the Local Hawk and Buzzard.


When trees don’t make it as Bonsai, don’t discard them plant these natural beauties out in your garden. As for the Buttercup’s, you could train them as an ‘Accent Plant’ or use them as a chat up line!

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  1. Nice post Paul. I enjoyed reading it. Any chance of photos of said trees and buttercups?

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