Buying Bonsai

Buying Bonsai is at times a difficult task. Finding the right tree from a qualified trusted supplier is very important and here at Bonsai we will only list trusted growers.

The suppliers we list sell only what is known as real Bonsai and not what is sometimes called ‘Mallsai’ (normally mass planted, too young to be classed and not trained from hand over years). MallSai or ‘Mall’ and ‘Bonsai’ have a poor survival rate and this generally gives Bonsai a bad reputation.

Each supplier listed has there own dedicated page with information and up to date images of trees or products for sale. And yes they do sell to Ireland, the UK and Europe. (Selling to Ireland is a qualifying factor)

If you need help and this is your first Bonsai see one of the following articles

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If you need more detailed help you can register as a member and ask one of us.

The following are some helpful links to help get you started.

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