Craig Coussins Tokonoma Scrolls

Tokonoma Scrolls

Craig Coussins is famous globally as a Bonsai master and author of several Bonsai books.

Craig is also the owner of Tokonoma Scrolls, which specialize in the sale of Tokonoma scrolls, Japanese antiques, Suiseki viewing stones and antique pots for accent plants for displaying with Tokonoma and Bonsai.




In a traditional Japanese house, one room has a Tokonoma, an alcove designed for the display of a kakemono (scroll) and perhaps a flower arrangement (Ikebana) or a piece of pottery.

The practice is to change the picture depending on the season. Or indeed, to have another image suggesting an emotion or seasonal feel outside the present month. Waterfalls, Taki,  suggest coolness and are often displayed in hot weather while a dry or sea shore landscape suggests heat in a cold month. The rolled-up kakemono can be stored in a specially designed box sometimes called a Kiri box which can be made in Paulownia or Cedar wood. Period wooden boxes are usuallymade in Paulownia . A scroll is meant to be stored until it is brought out again. Some scrolls have hand made silk covered boxes using antique Japanese Kimono Silk.These are very beautiful and always very popular when been given as presents.






Rare tea bowl

Rare Japanese Tea Bowl
This is a tea bowl with a wonderful gold plum blossom pattern and inside there are numerous poems in Kanji. Slight ‘glaze’ crack on inside but not through the bowl and it holds tea very well. Very rare tea bowl and it comes with a Kiri Box £110







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