Tinytrees Garden

A Winter Eden

Merry Christmas

A winter garden in an alder swamp, Where conies now come out to sun and romp, As near a paradise as it can be And not melt snow or start a dormant tree. It lifts existence on a plane of snow One level higher than the earth below, One level …

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Aronia, Great Super Food

Every year at the Tinytrees garden I try something new to grow, mainly anything healthy and that can be eaten. Last year I planted some bareroot Choke Berries (Aronia) and this year it produced its first crop. Their are two varieties available Black (Aronia melanocarpa) and Red (Aronia arbutifoilia). The variety I grow is …

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Caring for Your Orchid

Caring for delicately scented Japanese orchids is a bit different than for most other garden flowers. They are epiphytes, which mean that rather than growing in soil, their roots are exposed to the air. In the wild orchids grow on other plants, using them for mechanical support. Orchids are not …

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Buttercups and Bonsai…

I had an early morning walk this morning (9am is early to me) and noticed that this year must be the year of the Buttercup. Every year I watch the cycle of the weed invasion on the percolation area. Last year it was the Thistle and the nitrogen fixing Gorse …

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Nature's watering can!

It’s great that ‘Natures Watering Can’ helps to make life much easier, especially when the number of tree’s and plant’s outnumber’s the amount of trips you really need to take after a tiring weekend.

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