Craig Coussins

Craig Coussins has been a Bonsai grower for nearly 40 years and a teacher of Bonsai for nearly 35 years.Craig is not a commercial grower, but a passionate hobbiest were Bonsai has played a major part of his life. 

His Masters were Peter Adams and John Naka. Craig has travelled globally teaching Bonsai in places like North America, Europe, Russia, South Africa, Singapore, Australia and New  Zealand. He has also been a convention lecturer at many international events. He has authored five best selling Bonsai Books his recent one being Bonsai Masterclass. He cover a wide range of subjects, is an excellent workshop leader and a fun demonstrator. He also specialises in Suiseki’ were he has a passion for as long as he has been teaching Bonsai.  

He rarely opens his garden up to the public following a theft back in 1991 where many trees were stolen and it took him two years to get these back. Craig now does occasional teaching Tours in America and the far east and has limited his teaching as he gets older. He also runs an antique and antique Scrolls restoration mail order business from his home in Scotland. Craig buys and sells Scrolls for Bonsai and the home and his website is here – Tokonoma Scrolls.   His Bonsai website runs to 198 pages and is here, Bonsai Information.

From September 2011 Craig decided to start selling his Bonsai collection to concentrate on the family business ‘Hullachan’. Hullachan is a designer Irish and Scottish dance shoe company with a global reach. 


Books by Craig Coussins.


  • Bonsai Master Class. ISBN-10: 1402735472 
  • Bonsai School. ISBN-10: 140273560X
  • Practical Guide to Growing Bonsai. ISBN-10: 184092330X
  • Totally Bonsai. ISBN-10: 0804834202


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