Geoff Bryant

Author of Gardening Books and Horticultural Photographer


I have had a lifelong interest in plants. For some ten years I worked as a plant propagator and nurseryman, a career that developed through a family involvement in a garden centre. During that time I worked with all types of plants but developed an enthusiasm for evergreen azaleas, which led to my first book: The Azalea Growers’ Handbook (1991).

That book opened the door to a dozen more, and allowed me to develop my other passion: horticultural photography. Since the early 1990s I have been a full-time horticultural photographer and writer and have also worked as a technical editor and contributor on many titles, including the Botanica and Flora plant encyclopedias. In addition I have written numerous magazine articles, contributing monthly columns to the New Zealand magazine Growing Today from 1994–2002 and 2006–2009 and the Australian Your Garden Magazine for several years in the 1990s. Now my images are mainly marketed through my website Country, Farm and Garden Photo Library (


A sample collection of books by Geoff Bryant


  • 50 Favourite Plants: A Gardening Guide for New Zealanders’. ISBN: 0908658443  (0-908658-44-3)
  • Annuals and Perennials  ISBN 1869416465 (1-86941-646-5)
  • Azalea Growers Handbook for New Zealanders’. ISBN 1869530527 (1-86953-052-7)
  • Climbers and Creepers. ISBN 1869416481 (1-86941-648-1)
  • Complete New Zealand Gardener : A Practical Guide. ISBN 1869531515 (1-86953-151-5)
  • The Complete Encyclopedia of Garden Plants. ISBN 1592231942 (1-59223-194-2)
  • Flora’s Plantfinder: The Right Plants for Every Garden. ISBN 0733320945 (0-7333-2094-5)
  • Gardens for Free: Propagation Handbook for New Zealanders. ISBN 1869531043 (1-86953-104-3)
  • Greenhouse Gardening: For New Zealanders. ISBN 1869532058 (1-86953-205-8)
  • Trees and Shrubs. Geoff Bryant , Tony Rodd, Gerlinde von Berg. ISBN 3833121610 (3-8331-2161-0) 

Selection of articles that can be found on this website:



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