Last year after years of wishing and saving I bought what most gardeners wish for, a ‘Greenhouse’.


When I lived in Kimmage, Dublin, our humble capital. I lived in a terraced house with a backyard that was challenging to grow anything in, well almost anything. The shade loving plants thrived and for the back wall that got the sun in the morning, the glory vine was producing flowers in abundance.

My interest in growing tropical plants and Bonsai was limited by the small windows and lack of available light. I used to make frames with day light bulbs and tin foil to emulate enough light that the trees would stand a chance in getting enough light for healthy growth. As I said the backyard was challenging it was only 15 by 30 feet.

So when I moved down to Wicklow (the garden of Ireland) I had a blank canvas and a garden that isĀ  16,000 sq feet.

16,000 sq feet… where was I to start.

The plan was straight forward. Plant grass seed, get a feel for the wind, what direction it blew strongest, what part of the garden water gathered most in and as for light, this wasn’t going to be an issue.
The back of the house is south facing with clear views of the Wicklow mountains. On the North and West side we are protected by the native species Ash tree. These stand at about 40 to 60 feet tall.

So a number of years later the garden is planted up, shade loving plants up near the Ash trees, the pond is built (it is half the size as my old houses backyard), the Bonsai trees that got too big for training are thriving in the wild and now it was time to select the greenhouse.

As with planning the garden, the greenhouse had to fit the environment. The house is aptly named ‘Windy Acre’, not after me but we do tend to have some very strong winds at times. So my criteria for selection was a sturdy greenhouse, one that was large enough for growing veg, tropical and propagating tree seeds.

Their are no greenhouse manufactures in Ireland only resellers and most of these provide the same models except for one that specialises in polytunnel’s. If I was going to invest in anything it had to have a once off install cost, I don’t mind ongoing maintenance as long as its a low cost.

So after milling over different options I went for the Eden Gardener. A strong greenhouse that has been through force 10 winds already.

gardener. copyright. eden greenhousesThe greenhouse is a way of giving nature a helping hand
and also if you enjoy eating what you grow it does help
a lot. Some people say it is a luxury, perhaps so.

What a greenhouse does is open up opportunities for growing plants that would be difficult to grow in normal

For me it is not just about Bonsai. You can’t really eat trees, can you?

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