Growing Orchids

orchidIf you are a serious orchid grower, you know too well that eventually your plants will take over your house, so building a greenhouse for orchids is a great idea. If you are a beginner grower and are seriously thinking of giving your plants a permanent home, you probably have a lot of questions – will controlling the environment as well as the climate benefit your orchids? Is it easy to use a greenhouse? The answer is yes.

Today, there are lots of folks out there using greenhouses and are quite successful at it. Your orchids will definitely thrive, and may even bloom more frequently for you!

Here are some great tips for those who want to build a greenhouse for orchids:

1. The ideal greenhouse runs from west to east to take advantage of available light. If you are building a greenhouse specifically for your orchids, you don’t need the glass to extend right down to the ground. The orchids will be grown on staging so light from below is not necessary.

2. A brick base will keep the greenhouse warmer. If you choose to put up a greenhouse with situ and glass slides, you can close it with a polystyrene panels or similar materials to aid insulation. An earthen floor is better than a cemented one, it will be easier to keep wet and provides a better atmosphere for the orchids. Low light, ground hugging plants including ferns and brightly colored impatiens can be panted in this floor area. It looks attractive and helps maintain humidity.

3. An open slated staging is ideal for the orchids and tiered if the area permits. This allows for free air movement. You can also choose to put up a sheet staging with gravel which is kept wet. Greenhouses come with sufficient ventilation in the roof, and for orchids, it’s beneficial to have bottom vents as well. Used together they give a good flow of cooling air in the summer. On hot days the door can be left open to prevent overheating.

Before you buy a greenhouse for orchids you have to understand that it’s essential to control both light and temperature. I’ll give you more useful tips on greenhouses on my next article.


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