How to Choose the Right Bonsai for a Unique Stag Do Gift

Finding a perfect quirky gift for a best friend’s stag do is not the easiest task in the world. It needs to be nice enough to make a statement, but unusual enough for the guys to appreciate it. Why not consider a bonsai tree.

Bonsai trees are the perfect way for a bachelor to remember this special occasion and the fun that he had with his mates. Before rushing out to make your purchase of just any bonsai, however, you might want to consider the following:


Most newlyweds begin married life in a small home. Bonsai trees are usually smaller than 45 cm in height and less than 25 cm wide, including the pot. This makes them a perfect fit for coffee tables or the edge of an office desk. Some, like the Chinese Elm can be placed inside or outside; this makes it an easy care variety.


Bonsai plants come in two basic varieties, those that thrive in tropical climates and those that prefer more temperate conditions. Serissa, bougainvillea, and ficus, all tropical bonsai plants should never be exposed to frost-like conditions. Maples and junipers are much hardier plants and do not mind cold weather quite as much, but they do require a dormant period each year.


Some men need plants that require little attention, and a bonsai plant fills this need perfectly. If a man can keep a plant watered, he can keep it alive. The suggested routine for a bonsai tree is to immerse it in water about once a week until no air bubbles appear. During the week water from the top to wash off dust and give the leaves a bath, but avoid watering any blooms that appear.


The shape of a bonsai tree can be directed through pruning. The growth will occur in the areas that have not received pruning. Pruning a bonsai tree to change its shape can be a great creative experience, but it is important to trim the branches periodically to prevent the plant from becoming too heavy at the top for the root system to support the shape. All twigs growing in a downward direction should be pruned, as well as any branches that want to cross others.

When choosing a bonsai plant for a stag do gift, the most important factor should be matching the tree with the recipient. Is a blooming plant better, or would the groom prefer a braided bonsai? Would a Brussels bonsai be the most appropriate, or would the couple be more appreciative of the shape of a Hawaiian Umbrella tree? With plentiful choices available, it should be easy to find a bonsai gift to truly match the personality of the bridal couple.

About the Author: Andrea Thompson writes for Stag Do Ideas, a site that has lots of tips on planning a bachelor party.


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