As part of their European Tour, Keisho Ohno and Samurai Spirit make their first Irish debut at the magnificent Royal Hibernian Academy. The Ireland Japan Association are delighted to invite its members and friends to come and experience an evening of traditional Japanese music with a unique contemporary twist!

Keisho Ohno

Born in Niigata-shi, Niigata Prefecture.

By the age of eight, Keisho had became a pupil of Chikuei Takahashi, who is the authority and founder of Tsugaru Shamisen, and at the age of just twelve, he became a, Natori, and was permitted to use part of his master’s name for his own stage name. At the age of fourteen, Keisho gained the acceptance of the founder, Chikuzan, and became one of the Mainstream Chikuzan Bushi Successors. In the year 2000, Keisho relocated his base to Osaka.

In 2004, Keisho formed, “Keisho Ohno with Tsugaru Shamisen SOUL,” and began to launch its music activities. “Keisho Ohno with Tsugaru Shamisen SOUL” is a Tsugaru Shamisen band with the inclusion of assisting keyboard and drum players. As a Tsugaru Shamisen player, based on the traditional paying techniques, Keisho takes over the spirit of a challenger from his master, Chikuzan, and creates a present-progressive traditional music, which will bring about a fresh breeze into the upcoming era. Keisho, as a Chikuzan-style Tsugaru shamisen player, plays a role of preserving classics while pursuing his original style, outside the mold of traditional art, via collaborations with artists from differenf musical fields. Keisho’s unorthodox performance style is now gaining great public attention

Date: Saturday, March 5th
Time: 6-8pm
Venue: Royal Hibernian Academy (RHA), 15 Ely Place, Dublin 2
In Association with: IJA, Japanese Embassy & RHA

Keisho Ohno: Shamisen
Yoichiro Suzuki: Shakuhachi Flute,Trombone.
Toshihiro Yuta:Taiko drum

This event is open to existing IJA MEMBERS with no charge.
Non-Members are also welcome but note that members will be given priority booking.
This is a private IJA, Embassy and RHA Event – advance booking is essential so please email info(at) .

RSVP by February 25th at 5pm:

Jennifer Condon
Ireland Japan Association

Article originally published on Keisho Ohno MySpace page

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