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Monica Wachman, Author and Travel Writer, Vancouver Canada.


I’ve had a passion for writing and the visual arts since I was a kid. Pen and paper were my best friends, sometimes sharing that honor with my crayons and paint box. My father was from the old country and he taught me how to grow veggies and fruits. My mom kept the bits of land not devoted to purple beans and sweet corn awash in flowers. The practical vying with the esthetic; the story of my life.


It was my mom that introduced me to Japanese gardens and the tiny trees called bonsai. To an eight year old, they were just the right size. Bus trips into town on Sunday meant wandering past these tiny treasures and across curved bridges to look down at the brightly colored fish. We never left the house without a packet of peanuts for the squirrels.


Today I am taller than a bonsai tree, but I still find them fascinating. An avid traveler, I have visited several Japanese gardens. Some I come across by accident, others I make a special trip to find.


After nearly 20 years in the travel industry, I am now a full-time freelance writer. I offer writing and editing services on a variety of subjects including the natural sciences, history and the RV lifestyle. In addition to being a guest writer on Bonsai Ireland, some of my articles are published on, and

On, Monica writes on Japanese Gardens that you must see, famous international gardens to travel to and inspirational writing on Japanese history and poetry.

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