Nature's watering can!

It’s great that ‘Natures Watering Can’ helps to make life much easier, especially when the number of tree’s and plant’s outnumber’s the amount of trips you really need to take after a tiring weekend.

It’s not that I mind looking after the tree’s. In fact I get great pleasure spending time with each tree, checking it’s progress, reviewing it, planning what future work is required.
I have this Pine in a broom style that has been sitting in a growing bed for nearly 7 years, it’s time now to review it’s future home. Most likely it will sit in a round pot with some ‘Spagnum Moss’ added to give that natural ground look. The soil I tend to use is John Innes no. 2 with some horticultural sand added for extra drainage. I will explain later on how to pot a bonsai.

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