Pop Bonsai, a new style.

Recently I came across a great book, which gave details of new freelance style of Bonsai called ‘Pop Bonsai‘.

Pop Bonsai involves training a seedling by trimming its branches and leaves, and wiring the trunk and branches to bend them into almost any style as you would with traditional Bonsai. The difference is the presentation is completely refreshing. Your living work of art, can be presented in a ball of moss, on a can of beer or even in a pair of shoes. (clean ones of course!) You will of require some basic bonsai techniques and advice on looking after plants.

The Pop Bonsai book does present techniques on styling and maintenance from the basics up.

So who is the creator of Pop Bonsai.

Lisa Tajima started to study bonsai with a traditional master in Japan, she created her own style bonsai which she termed ‘Pop Bonsai’ and began to attract attention as a new-generation bonsai artist.
The inventiveness of her work has been recognized in a number of awards, even some from Japan’s most traditional competitions including ‘Gafu-ten’. She also makes her own containers, including “walking bonsai” ones. Her pots have been recognized in awards at Takagi Bonsai Museum in Tokyo Japan.

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