Shohin Bonsai has gone mobile!

Morten Albek, the Shohin Bonsai master has just launched the first ever Shohin Bonsai application on Android. 

So what does the application offer?

You get access to the Shohin Blog with useful information on guiding you on developing and creating Shohin Bonsai, the Shohin gallery with some beautiful trees that have been created by Morten, access to Mortens personal blog and Mortens studio.

Why are mobile apps so handy?

Your out in your greenhouse and get stuck on a method and what to do next. You reach for the mobile and get a visual or text reminder on what you can do. Very straight forward.

Check out the application yourself and tell us what you think.

To find the application go to the Android marketplace by clicking here or scan the QR code on the left.shohin qr code






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  1. Looks interesting! My only Android device is a Superpad (Chinese knockoff of Fly speck, but works well enough,) and that’s too big to carry around on my belt. But for those with smartphones, it would be worth having, I think.

    • Hi Steve

      I downloaded the app this morning and will be testing it over the next few weeks. So I’ll let you know how it goes.

      I’m building an app for this site at the moment for use with Apple, Android and Blackberry devices. Hope to have it ready in about a week. Will let you know and you can test it.



  2. I’m interested in Bonsai and Niwaki.
    Have you seen my willow bonsai?
    I’ve got your blog in my favourite.

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