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Pop Bonsai, a new style.

Recently I came across a great book, which gave details of new freelance style of Bonsai called ‘Pop Bonsai‘. Pop Bonsai involves training a seedling by trimming its branches and leaves, and wiring the trunk and branches to bend them into almost any style as you would with traditional Bonsai. …

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Repotting a Bonsai

Repotting is not optional when growing bonsai. Why? Because after growing in the same pot for some time, the tree will become pot bound. This means there is no room for new roots to grow and the plant will have a hard time getting the nutrients it needs to survive. …

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Nature's watering can!

It’s great that ‘Natures Watering Can’ helps to make life much easier, especially when the number of tree’s and plant’s outnumber’s the amount of trips you really need to take after a tiring weekend.

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